Cultivate Your Curriculum

Your Educational Garden

Where students investigate and observe their very own piece of nature.

We believe our innovative, new teaching aid will help students learn and discover the intricacies of plant growth. Our aim is to bring nature into the classroom to offer the chance for students to interact and witness the beautiful and necessary connection between human beings and nature.


Plants Make Great Lesson Subjects

Oasis provides a practical classroom solution that allows students to have direct control and influence over a live growing environment.

Having plants to study first hand is the best way to teach students about living things and plant biology. Using live specimens can help students study plant growth over time, and see the changes that different variables can have on plant survival.

Living plants in classrooms can provide an opportunity for students to learn about the vital role that nature plays for human beings. Oasis aids in teaching students the direct benefits plants can have, as well as the connection between us and our natural surroundings

Fully Controllable System

Your Garden, Your Way.



Full Colour Temperature LED Lighting

Replicated natural sunlight. Oasis is fitted with full colour temperature, dimmable, LED lamps, giving students the ability to influence the intensity, frequency, duration and different types of ‘sunlight’ their plants receive.


Programmable Watering

The programmable misting system helps to maintain optimal watering by generating a fine mist at programmed intervals, the duration and frequency of which can be easily adjusted depending on the type of plant housed.


View all aspects of Plant Growth

Students can choose from a variety of plant mediums from soils to hydro gels, and with the uniquely designed transparent planter, this allows the possibility to view the roots during plant growth without removal of the plant.

What Plants Need

Help students discover the wondrous world of different plants and introduce them to the influence they can have on their own natural environment.

Oasis provides a visual and practical solution allowing students to have direct contact and influence over the growing of plants from a seed to a healthy plant. Students can investigate different types and effects of mediums, from different soils and peats to clear gels and water beads.

Correctly identify suitable plants for a specific location and learn by directly influencing the plants’ growth and surrounding environment, including periodic monitoring and ongoing research into each stage of the plants development.

Teaching Aid

The most excellent approach to teaching students about life forms and plant science is to examine plants first hand.

Students can explore plant development over time and see the effects of various elements on plant survival by using living specimens.

Using plants for lessons in areas like Art, Maths, English, Geography in addition to Biology, is a fantastic way to get your students interested.

Built with Students in Mind

Your Garden, Your Way

Having plants in the classroom can be a lot of effort if the teacher is solely responsible for their care. Encourage your students to be responsible for caring for the plants in the classroom! Educate your children on how the particular plants you have should be cared for, and what they can do to help them thrive.


Control The Sun

Installed at high level are two waterproof down light fittings that are fully dimmable and can replicate the different colour temperatures of the sun. Supplied with the Oasis are 3 sets of different colour temperature lamps that include a range of 3500k (warm white) to 6500k (cool white).

The GU10 lamps are replaceable, dimmable, full colour temperature spectrum LED lamps and replicate the natural sunlight to enhance plant growth.

These lamps have been chosen specifically with education in mind. We are giving students the ability to influence the intensity, frequency, duration and different types of ‘sunlight’ their plants can receive.


Influence The Rain

The programmable misting system helps to maintain optimal watering by generating a fine mist at programmed intervals, the duration and frequency of which can be easily adjusted depending on the type of plant housed.

The system can be programmed to mist multiple times per 24-hour cycle, with spray durations ranging from 2 seconds up to 2 minutes. The 8 litre reservoir ensures continuous operation for several days without the need for refilling, and the reservoir can be easily replenished without the need to uninstall the entire system.

The two flexible spray nozzles are fully adjustable and can be optimally positioned.

We have chosen this misting unit specifically with education in mind. We are giving students the ability to influence the intensity, frequency and duration of ‘rainfall’ their plants receive.


Purpose Built Environment

Our clear growing container allows the experimentation of different media such as clear gels to be used in order to view and monitor root growth without the removal of the plant.

Our 100% Natural stone plant environment is not only water resistant but is also aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. The 100% natural stone lining increases the growing area of your Oasis, this is where students can experiment in growing mosses, rock climbers and maybe even air plants.

Two 70cm tall coir poles crafted from durable coconut fibre mimic the natural texture of trees and branches, allowing for climbing plants’ aerial roots to secure themselves to the pole as they climb. Providing both strength and visual appeal for a flourishing indoor environment.

Benefits of the Plants in the Classroom

Education and Well Being

Studies undertaken at the Chelsea Flower Show by the University of Exeter have shown that Plants:

  • Boost your mood increasing Well-Being by 47%
  • Increase Creativity by 45%
  • Improve Concentration and Productivity by up to 15%

Enhanced Student Wellbeing


Better Mental Well-Being

Plants’ visual appeal, such as colour and freshness, make students and educators feel more comfortable in the classroom. Plants can transform an otherwise stuffy classroom into a vibrant setting that students will enjoy. According to studies, plants in the classroom have also been found to benefit children’s mental well-being. Plants in the classroom have even been shown to lower illness, absenteeism, and student distress.

Lifted Moods

Green surroundings have been demonstrated to promote physical, mental, and overall efficiency and a sense of self-satisfaction. These elements combine to boost mood, and many people say that they love their jobs and work better when they are accompanied by plants – or have plants in view – than when they are not. Anger is also diminished, and peace of mind is gained.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction

According to research, people have stress-reducing reactions when they are in a room with a few indoor plants, even if their focus is not directed to the plants. Participants were invited to take part in a study that measured their reactions while doing a computer activity. The exercise was given to participants at random when no plants were present in the room or when plants were present but situated inside the participant’s field of vision. Subjects’ blood pressure increased while completing the computer activity, implying that the task was strenuous. Blood pressure recovered to it’s previous level faster in the presence of plants than in its absence.

Cleaner Environment

As plants take contaminants into their leaves and roots they eliminate them from the air. As plants absorb carbon dioxide and light energy using their pores via photosynthesis, this helps reduce carbon dioxide levels in the air by emitting oxygen, which can boost brain performance.

When plants absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and filter it via their leaves, generating pure oxygen for us to inhale, the cleaner air will not only enable you to work more efficiently, but it will also improve your overall health. Clean air has been shown to make your lungs perform more efficiently with much less stress, permitting more clean oxygen to reach your brain and helping you focus better.

The Benefits Keep Coming

Beautiful and Practical

Studies and research show huge benefits for bringing plants into our built environment, here are just few :

Enhanced Concentration

Plants have been shown in studies to improve focus when used in conjunction with studying. If plants surrounded students, their focus and attention would rise by up to 70%. Another study revealed that if plants were physically present or nearby students, they were more inclined to attend class and attend regularly.

Improved Productivity

It has been proven that when plants are present, productivity increases. A computer task experiment tracked response time on a task that required visual focus, cognitive thinking, and physical skill to assess productivity. When plants were present in the room, people replied considerably quicker than when they were not, and the speedier reaction was not related to an increase in error rate. Plants led to improved performance because reaction time was 12 percent faster in the presence of plants than in its absence.

Plants have also been found to alleviate mental tiredness. Students were instructed to do different activities in their dorm rooms as part of the research. The scenery from the students’ bedroom window was captured while they worked on the task. Students who lived in dorm rooms with views of natural scenery, such as grass and trees, were less psychologically exhausted and more efficient than those who lived in dorm rooms with views of the constructed environment, such as pavements and parking areas.

Sharpened Learning

Students outperformed their peers on typical proofreading tasks after a 40-minute stroll in a local wildlife park. Students were also less bothered by their academic duties.

Environmental Awareness

Help your students understand how much time and attention is required to ensure that plants grow. It’s all too simple to go along the street and ignore the plants. Until you gain a better understanding of nature, a plant is just a plant. Students experience a sense of responsibility for these living organisms when they observe the labour and care required to raise them. They can get more engaged with their surroundings outside of the classroom by showing how precious nature is.


According to the University of Exeter, the mere presence of plants has been proven to provide a sense of calm and wellbeing.

The University of Michigan claims they can even increase short term memory, again something that will create the most effective learning environment.

The feeling of well-being that planting creates is reciprocal between students and teachers. There is a new understanding that by implementing biophilic principles into your work environments, you are appealing to an innate human need to be around nature. It’s exciting to see the impact that these relatively low maintenance features can have on education and on our ability to learn and retain information.

Plants bring a huge variety of benefits such as enhancing the overall appearance of your space, boosting your mood, increasing your creativity, reducing stress, and eliminating air pollutants, make you happier and healthier.

What a plant can provide for you.

Improvements In

  • Concentration
  • Productivity
  • Creativity Mood
  • Attention Span
  • Air Condition
  • Aesthetic Appearance

Reductions In

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Blood Pressure
  • Fatigue
  • Sickness
  • Bacteria and Mould
  • Dust Levels

Key Features

Plant Enclosure

  • Programmable Watering
  • IP65 Dimmable Lighting
  • 100% Natural Stone Lining
  • 2 X 70mm Coir Poles
  • Transparent Plant Container

Student Workspace

  • Optimal Shape Writing Desk
  • Useful Storage
  • Soothing Stone-grey Exterior
  • Warmth of Natural Wood
  • Inviting and Calming

Base Cabinet

  • Sleek design
  • Robust Construction
  • Combination Lockable Doors
  • Additional Storage
  • Relocatable

The Finishing Touch

  • External Natural Wood Trellis
  • External Climbing Ivy to get started
  • Wall Fixing Kit
  • Help and Guidance
  • 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty

Oasis External Dimensions

Height – 200cm
Width – 115cm
Depth – 68cm

Internal Plant Growing Area

Height – 90cm
Width – 61cm

Start The Adventure Today

Start The Adventure Today

Complete Unit Cost

All below prices are inclusive of the complete unit and is ready to use. The main substrate container is supplied empty so students can start the investigation process into plant growth from the beginning, however it is supplied with 2 live plants attached to the external trellis. These can be left in position, removed and relocated or transferred into the substrate container.

Purchase of single unit


Purchase of multiple units

£2,749 (per unit)

Delivery and setup included.

Prices shown are exclusive of vat and will be applied where applicable.

Customise Your Unit with Desk and Stone Options

Options Included

Your Choice of Student Desk Wood Finish






Your Choice of Plant Enclosure Stone Finish


Copper, Bronze & Red

Argento Auro

Silver & Copper Rust


Silver Green

Cobre New

Copper, Bronze & Red

Galaxy Black

Black, Silver & Grey


Copper, Bronze, Pink & Brown

Verde Gris

Green, Grey & Rust

Join A Growing Community

Let’s Get Students Talking

This can also be a great way to get students talking and interacting with each other. Students can not only compare results to further their knowledge but have the opportunity to work with like minded students and form long lasting friendships.

A Growing Community

Our aim is to assist teachers in connecting with each other to discuss ideas and findings and share tips and tricks. If we can create an Oasis community everybody can benefit in finding new ways to get the best from their new teaching platform.

Make The World Better

Change is more likely to happen if we can educate our students about the important interaction between humans and nature. Together we make the learning process fun but allow students to take valuable knowledge forward with them into the world.