About Us

CNC Magic’s Story – As told by Abi

Since 2019

Hi, we are Dan and Abi (husband and wife) and this is our story of how CNC Magic came to be. The 5th November 2019 saw the start of CNC Magic, at which point Dan had a small electrical company and I was a nurse in A&E. This when Dan had the opportunity to turn his love of woodwork from a hobby into a new business. Dan’s not daft, he knew he would have to continue with his electrical company, gradually taking on less work as CNC Magic began to grow. I was helping when I could, and we were making sales. Dan felt like Father Christmas with all the Christmas gifts he was producing. Things were going well!

Starting Up

Customer projects continued into the new year, and then it all went wrong. Covid hit and, like many others, all CNC Magic work stopped! This obviously had a massive impact on Dan’s new business and his electrical business which also had to stop. When able to return to work Dan had to primarily focus on his electrical business as this was more readily going to bring in a wage. Although CNC Magic continued to carry out some work, there was little time to build it into a profitable business. I was no longer able to help Dan as my work as an emergency department nurse left no time or energy for additional work.

Fast forward

Fast forward to January 2023, oh how things have changed! After seeing my department through Covid and increasing pressures in A&E I felt burnt out and needed to make a change for my own wellbeing. So we made a huge and scary decision to join forces and both dedicate all of our time to CNC Magic. I have now swapped my nursing career to be Dan’s 45-year-old apprentice (it’s not always easy but life is happier). We have a lovely new workshop in Dorking and are giving everything we can to make CNC Magic a success. Will I have to return to nursing or can I continue in my new career? Only time will tell!

Meet The Team

We are a close-knit family team with a passion for wood work.



Orchestrator, Creator, Driving Force of CNC Magic and all-round Tasmanian Devil



Maker, Designer, Head of tea breaks and completer of all jobs no one else wants to do



Investigator, Greeter, Chief materials taster and our cutest deputy

Mission statement

“Our mission is to fulfil our customers desires for wooden items with the creation of stunning and bespoke masterpieces. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary is our passion, and by bringing imagination to life, we exceed customers’ expectations for quality, service, and value. We believe everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life.”

Our Vision

“Our vision is to establish CNC Magic as renowned woodworking specialists for bespoke wooden items. We will build a successful business through exceeding customer expectations, by always ensuring honesty and customer satisfaction are at the core of all we do. We intend to grow our business to such a position it is able to engage and support other local businesses and invite them to join us on our exciting journey.”

Our Values

  • Act with honesty, taking a customer focused approach to business.
  • Work with customers to reach their end goal, providing options to meet various budgets whenever possible.
  • Enjoy what we do, and with time build our team so others can work with us and share our vision.


Wood represents one of the lowest carbon footprints of any material, if sourced responsibly. All our raw materials are purchased from merchants committed to only using timber sourced from FSC certified, sustainably managed forests, or sourced directly from local mills where the timber would have otherwise been chipped for biomass.

At CNC Magic we ensure waste is kept to a minimum. Our CNC machining software ensures that every inch of material is used to its full potential, by nesting each component using advanced algorithms. An approach we take for all our woodworking. Our offcuts are saved and used for future projects to further minimise wastage.